About Us

Kirana Fast's end goal is to provide a Full Stack Solution for Kirana Stores, starting with robust and easy Inventory and Billing.

Few KF Features -

1. Fastest Inventory Upload - 10x faster than traditional solutions. Our customers can upload 1000SKUs in 24-48hrs compared to the traditional solution, which takes 10-15 days.

2. No external hardware is required - Our in-app scanner works as fast as an external barcode scanner, and our customers can easily share bills on WhatsApp with their customers.

3. "Ready to Bill" experience - Thanks to our preloaded FMCG data that helps us enable this experience, After installing our app, our shopkeepers can directly start billing by scanning the barcode of the in-store product. All the scanned products will begin appearing in their stock. Link to our product demo video: https://youtu.be/oSh2P51zk5Y

4. One-click Online Store - With just one click, the Kirana store can share its online store link with its customers. Since in KF, a single inventory serves as a source for both online and offline, the experience of a customer is far better (i.e. unavailability of products due to inventory sync issues that frequently occur on other app experiences)

5. Smart Ledger - Kirana owners can maintain separate ledgers for suppliers and customers. We create an auto ledger entry that helps shopkeepers keep track of unpaid bills for all the outstanding orders. Kirana owners can also maintain a list of products purchased from suppliers, and auto entry/update of stock happens from the ledger entry directly.

6. Reports - Live reports with actionable insights related to Inventory, orders, customers, low stock alerts, near expiring products etc.